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As the Head Coach at GOLF ON LOUNGE, I bring a dynamic background in athletics to the world of golf, infusing my passion for sports into every swing and lesson. 


Coming from a diverse athletic background, I've played a plethora of sports ranging from basketball and volleyball to skateboarding, badminton, and even rugby. Each sport taught me invaluable lessons in discipline, strategy, and determination, qualities I now impart onto the sport of golf.


What sets me apart is not just my proficiency in golf, but my ability to translate my athletic experience into effective coaching. Excelling in the sport of golf at an accelerated pace, I've had the privilege of helping over 30 clients discover their love for the game. Whether it's mastering the perfect swing or understanding the mental game, my coaching style is rooted in inspiration and motivation, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

John Pham | Head Coach at GOLF ON LOUNGE


Unlock your golfing potential and elevate your game with tailored lessons designed for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts contact for a complimentary swing breakdown.


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