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Soap Bubbles

Footwear: Please wear clean indoor shoes, preferably spike-less golf shoes, to help maintain the condition of our simulator and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Hand Hygiene: Prioritize hand cleanliness. We encourage all guests to keep their hands clean throughout their visit.


Sanitization: Please sanitize your hands using the provided sanitizing stations before playing. This helps maintain a hygienic environment for everyone.


Clean-Up: After your session, please ensure that the area you used is left clean and tidy. This ensures that the next group can start their experience in a pleasant environment.


Alcohol Consumption: We want everyone to have a great time, but please remember to drink responsibly. Overconsumption of alcohol can hinder your ability to play safely and enjoyably.


Thank you for your cooperation in following these rules. We aim to provide a top-notch experience for all our guests, and your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated!

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